Dope Raves! Marijuana Dispensaries at Music Festivals

By: Savanna Wright

Marijuana has been headlining news stories for decades. Recently, cannabis legalization has been spreading across the country, making marijuana more mainstream now than ever.[1] However, there are eight states where cannabis remains fully illegal.[2] With the varying marijuana laws across the country, and how quickly the law is changing, it is challenging for individuals and companies to keep up.[3] Entertainment venue owners in particular are struggling to navigate the future of cannabis at live events.[4]

Regardless of the drug’s legal status, marijuana has gone hand-in-hand with concerts and music festivals for generations.[5] The legal status of marijuana is completely altering the future of entertainment.[6] Marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substance Act.[7] This federal versus state legality dynamic creates several problems for entertainment venues that are attempting to provide legalized cannabis at their events.[8]

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) is the governing agency concerning cannabis events and licenses in California.[9] Although there are many states with legalized marijuana laws, the consumption of cannabis is far more restrictive compared to alcohol.[10] For example, in California cannabis cannot be consumed in any visible location by the public.[11] The areas designated to cannabis consumption must be controlled to individuals over twenty-one.[12] And finally, alcohol cannot be consumed on licensed cannabis grounds.[13] The last restriction is extremely limiting to entertainment venues, as music festivals and concerts typically license to alcohol vendors.[14]

The majority of the total revenue an entertainment venue receives is from alcohol sales.[15] A huge concern for these venues is the possibility of a loss in profits from permitting marijuana consumption at festivals and concerts rather than alcohol.[16] In the past two years, California’s BCC adopted a temporary license that allows the sale of marijuana at outdoor events.[17] This license authorizes music festivals to allow marijuana consumption on specified premises.[18] The caveat is, alcohol can no longer be offered.[19]

During the summer of 2019, San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival became the first music festival to combine both marijuana and alcohol sales.[20] Outside Lands was able to get around the strict “no mixing” rule by creating a hidden 21-and-older area in the woods called “GrassLands”.[21] This separate area apart from the main festival grounds only allowed the sale of marijuana.[22] No alcohol sales were permitted within the boundaries of GrassLands.[23] After a long struggle to obtain the proper licenses, the GrassLands organizers received the approval to sell marijuana at the festival just two days before the opening day.[24] This revolutionary festival created a promising hope for the future of marijuana sales at music festivals. Outside Lands/GrassLands was a successful example of the future of cannabis consumption at entertainment venues.[25]

Although the cannabis industry has progressed significantly in the past few years, there are still several legalization and discrimination hurdles to overcome.[26] Our country still has a long way to go towards the normalized use of legal cannabis at music festivals. These cannabis-only festivals are required to obtain a cannabis event license at both the state and local level.[27] Most states are still working out the kinks of marijuana legalization.[28] Once the states finalize their marijuana regulations, then more municipalities can prepare to offer cannabis event licenses. 

Outside Lands/GrassLands was certainly not the first time in history that cannabis was consumed at a music festival. However, we are standing on the brink of a cannabis revolution. The festival has paved the way for a brighter future for legal cannabis at entertainment events and shaped a fast-developing industry. The acceptance of cannabis is at an all-time high and entertainment venues cannot wait for the drug to take center stage. 

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