By: Heather Udowitch


For over 100 years, Minor League Baseball (“MiLB”) operated without a formal union.[1]  However, everything changed on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 when the Major League Baseball Players Association (“MLBPA”) voluntarily decided to represent MiLB players.[2]  For the first time in history, MiLB will have union representation.[3]

The genesis of this unionization began on June 24, 2016 when Congress introduced the Save America’s Pastime Act, which exempted MiLB players from minimum wage and maximum hour requirements.[4]  In 2018, Congress enacted the act,[5]  enraging minor league players, already unsatisfied with their treatment.[6]  Under the previous financial structure, “the vast majority of minor league players ma[d]e less than $12,000—below the federal poverty line.”[7]  Further, to make ends meet, many players maintain additional jobs.[8]  Due to this frustration, advocacy groups formed hoping for improved minor league player treatment.[9]  These groups utilized social media platforms to highlight minor league living standards.[10]  The groups grew, and MLBPA answered by pledging $1 million to the groups.  Similarly, Major League Baseball (“MLB”) responded by providing lodging for all players.[11] 

Moreover, earlier this year, MLB settled Senne v. MLB.[12]  In that case, former Miami Marlins minor league player, Aaron Senne, alongside two other retired minor league players, filed a class-action lawsuit seeking payment for minimum-wage and overtime violations by various teams.[13]  The parties settled for $120,197,300, which will benefit thousands of players.[14]  Additionally, as part of the settlement, teams are allowed to pay minor league players throughout spring training.[15]  This settlement, together with the advocacy groups’ efforts, demonstrated the power of collective action, and leaders amongst the minor league players emerged.[16] 

With this newfound confidence, minor league players reacted promptly after receiving union-authorization cards from the MLBPA.[17]  Most of the 5,500 minor league players returned the cards, designating the MLBPA as their bargaining representative.[18]  After this majority response, MLB had two choices: either force players to vote through the National Labor Relations Board or voluntarily recognize the union.[19]  Either way, the unionization of minor league players was inevitable.[20]  Accordingly, MLB chose the ladder.[21] 

The scope and size of the minor league union has yet to be determined.[22]  Nonetheless, the MLBPA intends to designate a separate bargaining unit for minor league players with its own player representatives and executive board.[23]  Moreover, for this upcoming season, the group will have its first-ever collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”).[24]  The goal is to finalize a CBA by the start of spring training, with players’ salaries being the top priority.[25]  Additional conditions such as training facilities, meals, and travel conditions may also be included in the upcoming CBA.[26]  Although many spectators are optimistic about the future, some players and player-development executives fear the union will result in fewer minor league teams or roster spots.[27]  Regardless of this skepticism, this monumental time in baseball was unimaginable for years.[28]  Therefore, although the future is uncertain, at least minor league players will have formal representation.

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